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For a discussion of some publishing issues, select from the following topics:

List of Book Printers. Includes links to a Request for Quotation format and a discussion on how to develop specifications for a book.

Design and production topics:

What are the two most common typographical errors that instantly identify a book as non-professional? Includes other indicators of non-professionalism in book layout.

Why use a page layout program? Isn't a word processor good enough?

Discussion of Printing on Demand (POD). Dan Poynter calls this PQN (Print Quantity Needed)--this is actually a more accurate designation in most cases.

Discussion of preparation of artwork for Digital POD Production.

Preparing files for publishing using Adobe Acrobat PDF. This discusses Version 3.0 of Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Newer versions (4.0 and 5.0) are easier to use, but the information here will help you create a custom PDF "style" with the current version of Acrobat Distiller suitable for preparing PDFs for print production.

A discussion of digital presses covering the technology and differences between toner-based and offset presses with on board digital plate makers. (This page formerly had a list of printers offering digital printing services. That list has been discontinued as the technology has become relatively common and can be easily found.)

What is a Vanity Press, a "Self Publishing Company" or a Subsidy Press?

New Article: The New Digital Print Business Model. Sell fewer books and make more money. Reduce or eliminate your inventory risk. Eliminate the need to store or handle piles of books.

Helpful links for publishers.

About Aeonix Publishing Group? What is Aeonix service?

Take a look at samples of recent cover designs.

There are many issues in creating and publishing a professional-looking book to be sold in book stores, specialty shops or through direct mail and the Internet. Aeonix service includes business consulting, project management, publication design and typography. Aeonix Publishing Group can help you produce your book. We can give you advice, as a consultant or trainer, or we can produce a complete camera-ready book for you. We also design covers and marketing materials for your book. In addition, we can help you prepare RFQs for printers and evaluate the bids you receive and give you guidance with tax issues, marketing, and distributing your book.

To contact Aeonix Publishing group, send an e-mail to Info@Aeonix.com

NOTICE: Due to high taxes, increasing regulation, government interference in small business, new requirements for health insurance, and a general state-sponsored "anti-business" environment, Aeonix Publishing Group has laid off all employees and has ceased business operations. Our "capital" has gone on strike (Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and learn who John Galt is.) We will continue to maintain this web site so long as the bureaucrats don't force us to shut it down.

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