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NOTICE: Due to high taxes, increasing regulation, government interference in small business, new requirements for health insurance, and a general state-sponsored "anti-business" environment, Aeonix Publishing Group has laid off all employees and has ceased business operations. Our "capital" has gone on strike (Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and learn who John Galt is.) We will continue to maintain this web site so long as the bureaucrats don't force us to shut it down.

Services offered:

Pete Masterson is the principal of Aeonix Publishing Group. He has established a loose association of free-lance editors, designers, illustrators, and publishing specialists. This group was assembled by Pete during his years of experience in business, design, publishing, and printing. All work produced through Aeonix Publishing Group is personally coordinated and supervised by Pete Masterson.

Brief bio - Pete Masterson
Since 1997, when I created Aeonix Publishing Group, I've worked as a publishing consultant, book, and cover designer. I am author of Book Design and Production: A Guide for Authors and Publishers. I provide consulting services to small publishers helping them with business issues, book production, cover design, and interior design and layout issues. As an additional benefit to my consulting services, I am an experienced tax preparer--I've especially studied tax regulations as they apply to small business and intellectual properties.

For the previous 3 years, I was Manager of Publications and Graphics for a contractor supporting NASA at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. I supervised production of over 200 journal articles, research papers, and books each year. (Research papers generally ran 100-200 pages, but some were as many as 600 pages.) Work involved everything from print on demand documents (produced in house on a networked Xerox Docutech) to high production value four-color books. We also created displays, posters, brochures, press kits and numerous other items in support of the NASA mission. While at NASA, I took the opportunity to attend the Stanford Publishing Course.

Before that, I was General Manager of a regional typesetting service located in San Francisco that specialized in books. Our customers included HarperCollins, Addison-Wesley, Ten Speed Press and their art-book imprint Celestial Arts, McGraw-Hill (text books), The University of California Press, the University of Washington Press and many others. Work was mostly trade books, but included four-color art books ("coffee table books"), annual reports, college catalogs, and other related projects. While with this company, I had the opportunity to work with some of the top designers in the book design field.

Earlier, I owned a retail printing center located in Walnut Creek, CA for four years. The shop featured offset printing, photocopies, and desk top publishing. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was a pioneer in offering desk top publishing in a printing environment. I personally designed flyers, advertisements, business cards, letterhead, etc. (corporate identity packages), and many other printed pieces. I trained a number of budding graphic artists in the use of computers. We produced single, spot color, multi-spot color, four color, and other complex projects. I also subcontracted many print jobs to other, more specialized, printers--and learned about print buying.

Prior to opening my print shop, for six years I was Tariff Publishing Officer for Southern Pacific Railroad headquartered in San Francisco. (Tariffs are the price lists of a common carrier.) In 1982-83 I conceptualized and developed a publishing on demand system for our tariff publications. Response time was cut from two weeks to 5 hours. The first year, we published over 4 million pages. The system was fully electronic with microcomputers networked to a UNIX mini-computer and connected to the mainframe computer which was used to generate output on high speed laser printers (120 pages/minute). I received special training to be the UNIX system administrator, since this was the only UNIX system at the company.

Before becoming involved with the Tariff Publishing, I worked in field sales, sales administration and marketing management for Southern Pacific. I also earned my bachelor's degree (with Honors) in Marketing from California State University, Sacramento while working full time at Southern Pacific.

I am well versed in desk top publishing and competent in all the major layout/graphics software packages. I also have an excellent design sense with particular emphasis on typography. I am experienced in all phases of marketing and sales, plus have extensive experience with business management, both as an entrepreneur and as an employee of both large and small business enterprises.

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